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Experience our Shortlink Management Software with free and affordable plans. Streamline branded links, custom QR codes, bio pages, SMS, email, and WhatsApp campaigns with advanced analytics.

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Maximize your business's online presence with Divsly, your go-to tool for shortening URLs and optimizing link sharing. Streamline your marketing efforts and enhance customer engagement effortlessly

All in One Place
All in one place
All in One Place
Our platform integrates shortlink management, custom QR code creation, personalized Bio pages, robust SMS, Email, and WhatsApp campaigns. Harness advanced features and analytics to elevate your marketing strategy effortlessly, saving time and maximizing impact.
Unbelievable Price
Unbelievable Price icon
Unbelievable Price
Enjoy unparalleled value with Divsly, at an unbelievable price of $3.99/month to access the app equipped with advanced features and analytics. Elevate your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.
Grow Your Business in One Goal
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Grow Your Business in One Goal
Empower your business with our all-in-one platform, consolidating marketing efforts from shortlink management to personalized campaigns. Streamline processes, maximize growth potential, and achieve goals efficiently with our centralized solution.
24/5 Live Customer Support
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24/5 Live Customer Support
Our top-tier support team is just a click away for our customers. Reach out to us via calls, emails, or webinars, available round-the-clock, Monday through Friday.
Multichannel Marketing
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Multichannel Marketing
Expand your reach with our multichannel marketing solution, integrating SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and more for maximum impact. Effortlessly manage all channels from one dashboard for a cohesive and effective strategy.
Easy to Use
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Easy to Use
Streamline your marketing efforts effortlessly with our all-in-one platform. Simplify link management, QR code creation, and campaign execution with advanced analytics, all in one user-friendly interface. Grow your business with ease.
500+ App Integrations
500+ App Integrations icon
500+ App Integrations
Elevate your marketing strategy with our versatile platform, seamlessly integrating with 500+ leading tools. Manage shortlinks, create custom QR codes, and execute multi-channel campaigns effortlessly. Leverage our extensive integrations for amplified success in achieving your marketing goals.

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All in One Link Management

Build Custom Audiences from every URL

With the advanced intelligent link shortening service, you can customize your links and share them easily

build custom audiences from every url - divsly

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Enhance security and increase visibility